Containment (Lead & Chromium Abatement)

One the most forgotten aspects of water tank rehabilitation is the removal and disposal of the existing coating system that may incorporate heavy metals, such as lead and chromium. Tanks originally built or repainted in the 1970s and early 1980s often utilized coatings systems that contain toxic materials.

SEH Design|Build can help you determine if you have an existing lead or chromium-based coating system. If the coating system on your tank is found to contain heavy metals, we can help you take the appropriate steps to safely remove and dispose of them and protect your tank with a more environmentally-friendly coating system.

Existing state and federal environmental protection guidelines identify very specific procedures for the removal and handling of these toxins, guidelines that are often overlooked by other contractors in this industry. Our D|B team partner, Classic Protective Coatings, implements several best management practices to minimize exposure to any toxic materials by our staff, the surrounding neighborhood and the environment.

Our containment and remediation components include:

  • Impervious ground cover, sidewalls and roof bonnet
  • Internal negative-air environment
  • Dust-collectors with HEPA filter media
  • Industrial vacuum units
  • On-site shower trailers
  • OSHA-required blood testing
  • Air-monitoring equipment for fugitive dust and debris

When it comes to enclosing your job site, handling hazardous materials, and protecting the surrounding environment, we've got you covered!