Initial Evaluation & Annual Inspections

Your water storage facilities are a critical element of your water supply system. Ensuring they are in good operational condition and understanding where they are in their functional service life is important when establishing and promoting a comprehensive water tank maintenance program.

Our team of certified inspectors conducts initial tank evaluations on facilities new to our maintenance program and annual inspections for all of the tanks presently under contract with SEH Design|Build.

An initial evaluation or annual inspection will document the following:

  • Determination existence of prior lead-based coating systems (initial evaluation only)
  • Existing condition of the tank's interior and exterior coating systems
  • Inspection of the tank's basic structural elements
  • Identification of any OSHA/AWWA deficiencies
  • Recommendation of any necessary improvements and/or immediate repairs
  • Verification of existing security procedures and tank protection
  • Evaluation of operator-noted issues

Upon completion of the initial evaluation/annual inspection, a comprehensive report is prepared for the client's review. The report includes photo documentation of each of the aforementioned elements, in addition to a detailed analysis and proposed approach for any applicable repairs and/or improvements.