Periodic Wet Interior & Exterior Cleaning

Over time, your water storage facility may begin to accumulate sediment, sludge and other debris at the bottom of the wet interior that will require draining, cleaning and subsequent disinfection prior to refilling. SEH Design|Build can help you with all of these tasks.

If you elect to drain your tank for cleaning, our D|B team can:

  • Remove sediment, sludge and debris
  • Pressure wash the tank wet interior
  • Inspect and identify any pertinent maintenance issues in the wet interior
  • Perform minor repairs and necessary touch-ups
  • Identify larger issues and schedule follow-up protocol
  • Replace all manway gaskets
  • Disinfect the tank prior to refilling

Upon completion of the tank cleaning and disinfection process, a detailed report including photo documentation and inspector findings is prepared. This record may be used to document the present status of the tank interior, as well as assisting in scheduling upcoming maintenance and rehabilitation activities and developing a comprehensive, long-term maintenance program.

Similar to the necessary interior maintenance of your tank, the exterior of your tank needs periodic cleaning as well. Pressure-washing the exterior of the tank can remove mold and mildew that typically develop on the exterior surface of the tank from moisture due to condensation and precipitation, in addition to extending the life of the exterior coatings.

While a clean exterior surface to your tank may not be as important as the wet-interior surface, it remains a highly-visible element of your water distribution system. Thousands of residents, constituents and water users see the exterior aesthetic nature of your tank(s) every day. A clean tank is a strong representation that the water inside is maintained at an equally high level of quality.