Baudette Airport

Baudette International Airport

Baudette, Minn.

Since 1988, SEH has provided planning, environmental, and engineering services for the Baudette International Airport. SEH has completed various projects including Airport Layout Plans, runway reconstructions, apron expansions, and runway lighting upgrades including installing high intensity runway lights (HIRLs), precision approach path indicators (PAPIs), and runway end identifier lights (REILs).

Recently, SEH completed an Environmental Assessment (EA) for an instrument landing system (ILS) installation and completion of a full parallel taxiway. The EA included evaluation of impacts to wetlands, water quality, floodplains, and wildlife habitat including upland and wetland forests. Following completion of the EA, SEH completed the wetland permitting and mitigation process. SEH worked with Minnesota Department of Transportation Office of Aeronautics to secure 100% state funding for the ILS installation which was completed in 2010. The parallel taxiway was constructed with federal funds in 2012.

In 2014, SEH worked with the Baudette Lake of the Woods County Airport Commission to complete an Airport Master Plan. The main focus of the study includes evaluating options for additional building area space. Opportunity for expansion is constrained by a highway, an en-route VOR, wetlands, the Rainy River and its floodplain. Additionally, the Master Plan evaluates opportunities to remove non-compatible land uses including a seaplane base access road from the runway object free area and safety area.

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