Johnsonville Sausage LLC Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades

Sheboygan Falls, Wis.

The project included upgrades to the wastewater conveyance system at the Countryside/Riverside (CSRS) and Meadowside (MS) wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs). The design flow for CSRS WWTP is 0.261 mgd (avg) and 1.008 mgd (peak) and has a primary activated clarifier, equalization tank, orbital ditch, and secondary clarifier. The MS WWTP has a design flow for 0.369 mgd (avg) and 1.042 mgd (peak) and has an equalization tank, dissolved air floatation, chemical clarifier, and activated sludge package. The project is being constructed in two stages, with some portions of the project already constructed and other portions are under construction.

The Phase I construction improvements consisted of installation of the chemical treatment system including new lime slurry pump, rapid mix tank, a reaction tank, a circular clarifier, sludge recycle system and pH neutralization system, and modification to the activated sludge system to promote enhanced biological phosphorous removal at the MS WWTP.

In addition, phase I included conversion of the conical clarifier to an aeration basin by adding a diffused aeration system, adding equipment to pump sludge to MS WWTP, and increasing the size of the outfall sewer to the CSRS WWTP.

The Phase II construction project consists of several improvements at the CSRS WWTP. These include: installation of grit dewatering screw and diffused air system in the existing grit tank, installation of primary activated clarifier, installation of new process support building to address sludge pumping for recirculation and wasting, converting the existing sludge storage stank to an equalization tank, and installation of a lift station to allow Johnsonville to utilize both WWTPs to their full hydraulic capacity by transferring waste streams from one WWTP to the other.

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