Program Management

SEH D|B provides program management services to help you manage and make sense of multiple projects or multiple sites. Our design-build approach to program management includes helping you define, plan, implement, and integrate all elements of your project into one comprehensive program.

Our experienced staff of program managers are responsible for planning, organizing, staffing, controlling, and leading the combined efforts of your specific program or programs to achieve your project goals. In addition, SEH D|B staff will monitor and report on all ongoing activities, track schedules and costs, administer funds and provide additional administrative support to keep your programs on track.

The SEH D|B approach focuses on close collaboration, team integration, and consistent communications to tailor a program that provides a greater level of control over your resources, project priorities, deliverables, and outcomes including:

  • Planning: SEH D|B understands that each project has its own schedule, milestones, and deliverables. Our program managers develop plans that guide the coordination and scheduling for all of the projects included in your program.
  • Monitoring: SEH D|B will monitor your program's progress, issues, and risks – at the project level and at the program level.
  • Reporting: SEH D|B will provide consolidated reports at the project and at the program level. These reports will be integrated so you will understand how all of your projects are progressing, how projects affect and complement one another, and ultimately how each individual project contributes to the program as a whole.
  • Budgeting: Because the program may include budget management, SEH D|B will provide a budgeting process that manages individual project budgets to meet the overall program budget.