Tank Rehabilitation & Painting

The specialty of our SEH Design|Build team is blasting, rehabilitation, and repainting your ground and elevated water storage tanks, in a safe, timely, and efficient manner.

Our team partner, Classic Protective Coatings, Inc., provides unsurpassed productivity by utilizing the newest silenced air compressors, high-volume dust collectors, and state-of-the-art blasting equipment to effectively rehabilitate your facility.

Efficiently cutting existing mill scale, rust, and paint off of steel surfaces is a direct function of the volume of air used, in conjunction with the size and type of abrasive, hoses, and nozzles. By using the largest blast pots in the industry and our patented Monster Blaster, we are able to prepare a tank surface for recoating in record time and with unsurpassed quality.

When necessary, we have equipment to robotically blast the interior and/or exterior surfaces of the tank, not only eliminating the need for costly containment, but significantly shortening the project timetable; achieving these benefits while still meeting all state and federal codes for the removal and disposal of potential heavy metals.

Once the rehabilitated surface has been prepared, we utilize both high-volume spray and power-roller equipment to apply paint and lining materials to the tank. Unlike other contractors, we pay special attention to existing weather conditions and appropriate containment to minimize overspray and costly damage to surrounding property.

If you are looking to add some personalized 'community flair' to your tank, we can help you prepare a logo or design for your tank, as well as allow you visualize the final product (before a drop of paint is used) with our virtual reality imaging technology.

From the simplest lettering to the most complex murals/logos, our D|B team can help you rehabilitate your tank and provide your facility and community with a new and refreshing image for years to come.