Frequently Asked Questions

What types of services are provided under the WTMS program?
SEH D|B provides a full spectrum of services including engineering and inspection by SEH staff and construction services including tank repairs, painting, modifications, and construction. In addition, we offer a long-term maintenance program intended to address all of the ongoing maintenance issues associated with your tank.

What services are not included in the WTMS program?
The only elements not included in the program are any damages that occur due to acts of God, vandalism, terrorism, and damage due to faulty operation by the owner.

Is my water tank a candidate for the WTMS program?
Obviously, every water tank is different. We address each tank on an individual basis. To do that requires a specific inspection of the tank in question. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

What is the process for getting a tank enrolled in the maintenance program?
First, our SEH D|B team will need to complete an evaluation to determine the current condition of the tank. Based upon the evaluation, we create a list of the repairs and rehabilitation to be performed on the tank as the initial step of the process. This work could include any welding, tank repairs, part replacements, and tank painting that is necessary to bring the tank to "like new" condition.

In addition to the determining the repair and rehabilitation work that needs to be completed, we create a customized maintenance program for the tank. Depending upon the tank type, age, usage and location, elements of the program could include inspections and reports, replacement of wear parts and consumables, management of telecommunications on the tank, and coating touch-up.

After the initial repairs and rehabilitation work is completed, the tank will be enrolled in the Maintenance Care Program where it will receive regular attention as detailed in the plan.

What are the costs associated with enrolling a tank in the maintenance program?
The costs to enroll a tank in the program vary from tank to tank and can be impacted by the age and condition of the tank, the size of the tank, the usage of the tank, and the length of the maintenance program. The costs for the program are presented in two parts – the cost of the initial repair and rehabilitation and the annual cost of the maintenance program.

SEH D|B has special financing packages available that allow for the initial repair and rehabilitation work to be paid by the Owner over a period of time instead of in one larger lump sum. Under this program the Owner can elect to pay for the initial work over a period of three years or longer depending upon the size of the project. The cost of the maintenance program is leveled over the term of the program and is paid in equal annual installments over the life of the plan. This allows the Owner to accurately budget his costs over the life of the plan without have to worry about fluctuating costs from year to year.

What other services can SEH D|B provide for water tanks?
SEH D|B is able to provide several additional services for water tanks, including the design and installation of new tanks, relocation of existing tanks, raising or lowering of existing tanks, repairs of existing tanks, and painting or application of logos.

For the design and installation of new tanks, SEH D|B is able to work with a number of the leading industry fabricators and suppliers to bring the best combination of price and quality to the tank owner. In doing so, SEH D|B is able to work with the owner to provide a tank that brings the right combination of features for the owner's needs while still maintaining a high level of quality at a reasonable cost.